What our clients say…………..

I’m writing only now as I’ve been extremely busy the past two weeks.
I’ve found a temporary (temp to perm) job in a warehouse and so did not come to Job Club last week, nor today. I’ll see how things go there, but hopefully it’s kind of a new start for me professionally speaking. I’ve been in touch with NHS, thank you so very much that you brought them to Job Club. I will apply for roles there soon.

Thank you so much for what you’re doing for us, you may not realise how much you have helped me and how much you help others as well.
Please accept my deepest heartfelt thanks and best wishes.

Hope to see you one day again, preferably not as a jobseeker. If I’m ever off on Monday morning, and free to come I’ll like pop in for a few words.
Many thanks for everything.
Best of luck to you all and to all the jobseekers that come to Camberley Job Club.
— M.S.